The Reaction to Your Email Marketing

Email marketing can actually be much more effective than most people think. Many business owners do not invest a great deal of time, energy or money into orchestrating an email marketing campaign because they mistakenly believe all email marketing is viewed as spam. However, this is simply not true. Business owners who have discovered how to market via email successfully, enjoy a great deal of success with this type of marketing. This article will discuss how email marketing can be successful and Read more [...]

Can You Really Get Cash For Surveys?

The other day a friend of mine asked me if anybody can really make money filling online surveys, my first thought was to tell him that no way in hell you can make money with surveys, that was just a big waste of time. But then I asked to myself... What if? What if you can really earn money with online surveys? What if someone out there is making a living filling surveys? So before crush my friend's dreams into small pieces I decided to investigate a little bit about surveys online. What are Online Read more [...]

Why I love Google Sniper 2.0 – My User’s review of George Brown’s Coaching Program

When I first start this journey through the internet marketing world I research and participate in a wide variety of money making schemes, yes I was the one who annoying my friends to enter my downside in some sort of shady MLM system. Yes I was the one who tried to sell Viagra online, yes, I was the one who cleaned his basement selling stuff on eBay. Yes I was the one who built AdSense sites with no result... Finally I found a free report from Ken Envoy from SBI that talk about Affiliate Marketing Read more [...]

Products That You Should Avoid Promoting

Hi there, have you noticed the trend that has going on from a couple of years? is an avalanche of no real value products that has been launched. Launches that you should avoid like a plague when you want to promote an affiliate offer to your list or make a sniper site around that product. This is for many reasons: As affiliate marketer you are your own branding and it’s your reputation who is in the line. If you promote a bad product to your list you will end with a massive unsubscribed run. Some Read more [...]

The Landing Page of Your Site

Landing Page quick overview Hey again, Has been a while since last time… sorry about that… Ok but let’s continue. Today’s lesson is going to be a little bit longer than usual so probably I’m going to spend more than one post to complete it. Today’s lesson is… Ah but first… let’s see what we learned so far… We learned how to motivate ourselves, we see how to find a niche and keywords related to that niche, how to find the start your list. Today we are going deeper Read more [...]

Work from Home ruins my Friend Bob’s Life

My friend Bob was deep into affiliate marketing and wanted to make a living of it. So he leaves his job and starts his affiliate business on his home. In theory work from home is easy and gives you plenty of time to do whatever you wanted to do. In Theory… Let me tell you how my friend Bob failed working from home and perhaps you don’t repeat the same mistakes. On a regular day, my friend Bob wake up close to midday and turn on the TV while he pour the first coffee on his mug, read the Read more [...]

Astronomer or Astronaut Which one Are You?

The Procrastination Issue The other day my 7 year son ask me which one do I prefer to be, and Astronomer to learn all about stars and planets and watch them through a big telescope, or an astronaut and actually go to the space and fly to the moon… “I want to be an astronaut” he told me “I want to do things instead of study things…” That makes me wonder on how much time we “invest” studying about a topic, researching until “we are ready” to start. Well… I have a news flash Read more [...]

Email Broadcast – Your Hot Line to Your Customers

What is Email Broadcast? Hey guys if you ever wonder how to communicate with your customers there is a thing called Email Broadcast. In a marketing email campaign there are two kinds of emails. The follow up email and the Email Broadcast. The Follow Up Email is the one that is setting in the autoresponder software to be delivered in a certain interval of time. For example when a subscriber (your most valuable asset) opt in to your newsletter, he immediately will receive a welcome email, 4 Read more [...]

Stealth Profit Machines Review

Ok guys, I’ve been out for a while but when I saw a mail from Chris Freville and his new Stealth Profit Machines, I knew I have to tell you about this (please read till the end). Chris Freville’s Stealth Profit Machines Review. I know Chris from his other launches like Clickbank Inner Circle, Automated List Builder and Web 2.0 Stampede and he is a damn good teacher and know how to build a business. That’s why I was so surprised by the over hyped up sales letter from Stealth Profit Machines, Read more [...]

The Secret for an Online Business That Will Supercharge your Sales

So you want to know the secret to for an autopilot online business? If that’s so, then pay very close attention to this article. Selling or promoting a product could give you a consistent income that will provide you some financial security. But to be able to get a constant flow of sales your online business need a list. That’s right a list of prospects to whom sells in the future. Let’s put the following example of an Online Business: Bob sells a product about growing tomatoes. Read more [...]