1K Subscribres in 90 Days (Update) – My Squeeze Page

Hello everybody! As you can remember I have started this little adventure as a reminder to myself that I still can pull a business on line without a big startup capital.

I have a pretty specific goal with pretty specific resources. I have to build a list of 1000 subscriber under 90 days with less than $300.

So far I have my hosting, my domain and my autoresponder. I opened an account on Warriorplus and Jvzoo for my affiliate promotions.

I already decide on which niche aim my efforts and I have almost finished my free e-book to giveaway to my subscribers.

I acknowledge that I’ve been lazy on my tasks and by this day I had to have already in place my funnel.

However this week it will be up and running (if by the time you lay your eyes on this little post you see my amazing form to the left and a gorgeous popup form is because I finally did it!)

I’m going to capture leads from two different sources all of them redirected to the same email sequence.

First I’m going to build a squeeze page created solely to capture leads from paid traffic. This squeeze page will lead to a OTO page that will presell an affiliate offer. The cool gift will be delivered by mail. This way I’ll make sure that people open my emails.

Now the email sequence will be a mix of information and promo affiliate offers. For the exact sequence I will follow the advice from Jason Fulton and Mike Appleton on video 5 of the Payday Tornado (want to know the sequence? Here is the complete process)

So as you can see I’m pretty behind schedual that leaves me little time left to start driving traffic and collect emails.

In the next chapter I will discuss some traffic methods to build my list.

See you next time.

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