Astronomer or Astronaut Which one Are You?

The Procrastination Issue

The other day my 7 year son ask me which one do I prefer to be, and Astronomer to learn all about stars and planets and watch them through a big telescope, or an astronaut and actually go to the space and fly to the moon… “I want to be an astronaut” he told me “I want to do things instead of study things…”

That makes me wonder on how much time we “invest” studying about a topic, researching until “we are ready” to start. Well… I have a news flash for you… “YOU WILL NEVER BE READY”.

Like my wise son I’ll rather prefer to be an astronaut of internet marketing and go to the cyberspace where the money is, and do things to make money instead of studying and preparing myself until I “feel” ready and “safe” to start making money.

The truth is that you don’t need to know everything to begin your adventure, you just need three things:

First a little notion of what you are going to do (planning a little bit but never overdo it)
Second you need to Take Action, and
Third you need to TAKE ACTION NOW!
Avoid procrastination as a plague

Because procrastination along with information overload and desperation are the worst enemies you might face as internet marketer.

Some IM gurus says that the 98% of people who start a business on internet are doomed to fail in the first five years and only a 2% will succeed.
And the difference between them is not a high intelligence, more preparation or more budget… those 2% is the people who learn and apply, LEARN AND APPLY. The doers 2% are the astronauts who refuse to spend their lifetime studying or watching their money through a telescope, they fly to the out space and grab the money comet by its tail.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t delay your success, if you see a chance to succeed… take it! Erase from your vocabulary the “I’m going to do it later” sentence.

Which one are you? the Astronomer or the Astronaut? Stop your procrastination and start doing things, take action now, as a matter of fact stop reading this and start working!

Here is very well illustrated the procrastination syndrome that you want to avoid. But just watch it once and then return to work ok? Remember Avoid procrastination as a plague (I’ll never get tired to tell you)

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