Breaking the Myth About Creating your Own Product

You may wonder what to sell?

once you find your market niche is time to take the decision about what to sell and how to monetize your site how about creating your own product?.

There are many ways to monetize your site, but in this segment we are going to focus just in two methods (why the long faces? is more than enough to make some serious money!)

how to create your own product

Creating your Own Product is not as hard as you think

So you can sell your own stuff or you can sell other people’s stuff.

Creating your own product

Most people start with this before do any research, they have an idea and make a cool product that they think is going to sell like crazy… most of those people fail miserably (like the 99.9%).

For your product to become a huge hit it has to have the main objective to satisfy a need, to fill a void. creating your own product

The simplest and cheaper way to creating your own product, is create a digital downloadable product like a software, an ebook, a video or an audio file.

The digital format is great because you don’t have to deal with obscene massive production costs or distribution or warehousing.

Motivation Thrust About Creating Your Own Product

Passion, passion is the main fuel to thrust your product creation process, because is best if you know the topic and you are passionate about it, that way is easier to build something you are fond to.
If you aren’t passionate about anything (but eat cheetos and drink beer) or you don’t have any knowledge at all on any topic, don’t worry there are ways to get through creating your own product without sweat (we will see them later).

Start Creating your Own Product

OK let’s put our hands and mind into work! First you need to know what people want to know or need to know about your niche.

you can do this simply running a quick search on Google writing your niche and the word forum like this:
my niche + forum – ie: paintball + forum

Forums are sites where people gather around a common interest. Here you can find the questions people usually ask.

Write down those questions and consider them subjects to develop on your product.

Your product could be in a PDF ebook format, MP3 audio file or video.

You can interview an expert on your niche and ask them the questions on your list, you can record the answer and sell the audio or video, all that information is valuable and people in your niche (if you did your homework and choose wisely your market) will be eager to get it.

And I have to put extra emphasis on this: Before start creating your own product you MUST research your market first.

Now you only have to write your product, record your video or audio answering the questions made, and is not harder than that, but if you are lazy like me, or have problems putting together two sentences, you can outsource the task (more on outsourcing later).

You don’t have any excuse to not take action, come on I urge you to start creating your own product.

There are many products to teach you how to create your own product, perhaps you should try these, they are all risk free with a 60 days money back guarantee, if you don’t like it you can ask for a refund. Just Check them out and start creating your own product:

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