Building Your First List

“The Money is on the List”. Perhaps your hear this a lot, and I’m not going to go on a creative explosion to came up with a new catchy phrase. Indeed the money is on the list.

How important this is in a marketing process? Very important.

Ok I buy that, but how I build my list?

There are two ways to build a list. The easy way, and the easiest way. Both are effective and the only difference is that in one of them you actually have to pay.

Ok let’s start with the basis, the we move on to the next step.

I’m assuming that you already have your domain name and your site up and running. If not, don’t waste any second longer and go here.

Did you catch up with us? Good you are a fast learner.

Now, you need two things: a Microsite and an Autoresponder.

Easy, easy we will explain everything on time.

A microsite is as simple as a two pages site. A Squeeze page and A Thank you page.

A squeeze page is one page which sole objective is to capture information from the visitor. Commonly his name and email address.

The simpler the squeeze page, the higher the opt in rate is. Put down those hands! I already know what are you going to ask. I’m one step ahead of you.

Opt In Rate: Basically is how many people who visit your site fill the form and click the subscribe button (ergo became a subscriber).

To calculate the OR (stands for Opt In Rate) you must follow this formula: The number of people on your list divided per the amount of visitors on your page.

That is: OP/VP = OR

The opt in rate depends on how well is your squeeze page. A good squeeze page must be composed by a Header with appealable sentences like “You are About to Discover the Most Hidden Secrets of [Your Niche Here] That Most People Will Never Know” (This is an oldie but goldie)

thanks to

Then a sub header, and a few bullets describing the main benefits of the product. The opt in form and a call to action.
You may want to build your page in such way that everyone who read it fill the form with trembling fingers and beating heart full of excitement and impatience to see what is in the other side… OK, maybe I exaggerate a little, but if you give them a good reason to opt in will do the trick as well.

What reason could you give them to opt in beside the appealing page?

Freebies, yes freebies are a great reason to opt in, people love free stuffs, a free report, a video, a ticket, a coupon, if is free people will love it.

“Enter your Name and Address and you will get my Free Report”.

Is free? Ok I’ll give you my Email and you give me my precious freebie.

Catchy don’t you think?

You can improve it if you put for example

“Enter your Name and Address and you will get instant access to my Free Report (worth $17)”

See the power of this? You have two power phrases here, first the “instant access”. You are telling to your visitor that he doesn’t has to wait to get his prize, and then “worth $17”. Adding a tangible value to your freebie is just like telling your visitor, “hey I’m giving you $17 bucks to opt in”.

OK take a break meanwhile I going to take a cup of coffee (even though I could kill for a cold beer right now, it’s a hot night).

Next, The autoresponder. Oh, by the way, if you still don’t get it, Sign Up to my list and you will be rewarded with a Tasty Freebie.