1K Subscribers in 90 Days – Creating the Bait and Welcome Message

Hey there! These past days I was working on my free report to give way to the people who sign up to my list. First I though to only use a PLR ebook (I have like a TB of PLR stuff!) Then I decide to write one by myself.

I also wrote the first email welcoming my new subscribers and I’m working on the rest of the email series.

I’m going to use the same paypal I use to pay so I won’t open another. I also have a Jvzoo account and a WarriorPlus account. I’m going to stay away from Clickbank for now. I picked a dozen of products from Warriorplus and I apply to all of them, these are products that I already have and like. So It won’t be a problem review them properly to gain trust.

I limited the time I work each day to 1 hour top. This way I don’t lose focus on other projects, my day job (yes I still have a day job because I love my job!) And my family.

I have faced some problems deciding on how to keep my future audience engaged I don’t want them to unsubscribe because I push them just promo mails. I want them to expect my emails, open them and read them and hopefully click the link and of course purchase the product I promote and make me some commissions.

Anyway time’s up I have to wrap it up and call it for the day. Don’t forget to comment and share. See you in the next post.


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