Deciding on What to Sell on Internet

Deciding on what to sell

Once you found your market niche is time to make the decision on to what to sell on the Internet. How to monetize our site?

There are many ways to make money with our site, but in this segment and in order to make a full Internet business we are going to aim our darts to sales, yeah sales.

You can sell your own stuff or other people’s products.

deciding what to sell on internet

what to sell on internet?

Creating your Own Product

For your product to be a success among the customers it has to fill the first commandment of a product… to satisfy a need, to fill a space.

The easier and cheaper way to get your own product is to make a digital product. An ebook, an audio file, a video lesson or even a software.

The digital format is great because you don’t have to deal with massive production costs or distribution or warehouse.
It works best if your know about the subject and you feel passion about it because it is easier to work with something that we love to do. If not… well, don’t worries there are ways to walk around this.

First research what people want to know or need to know about a niche.

This, you can do it from different ways, i.e. making a quick search on Google writing your niche and the words “forum” like this:

your niche + forum

Forums are places where people gather around a common interest. Here you can find the questions that people often ask. Take a good note about those questions because there you will have the topics that will cover your product.

Now, your product could be on an e-book format, could be a MP3 audio format, or what’s hot now, a video.

You can interview an expert on the field and ask him those questions that you previously wrote down, you can record them and sell the audio or the video interview, all that info is pure gold and people in your niche (if you choose correctly) will be eager to get it.

Digital Format and Piracy

One of the worst nightmare for a marketer is when someone stole his copy and give it away for free on some communities, or simply sell it as his own, and you will be crying in anger because that rat is making you lose money.
But don’t worry, wipe your tears and take a zip of water because not everything is lost. You still can make money even if your product is giving away for free.

I’m talking about “branding”. Let’s put an example, if your product is an e-book, then in the footer add your site URL.
Add some advice to affiliate products or your other products (if you have any), make short reviews of some product or service adding your affiliate link.

You must save your product as a PDF format (this is a must, es harder to edit it that way)
If your product is an audio or video, mention your site from time to time, so everyone who listens or view it will know that is your product and can find more info in your site.

Selling other people Stuff

This is a much more appealing choice for many people because you don’t need to make your own product (yes… sometimes the inspiration muse is gone and you can’t come up with nothing to write or produce… am I wrong?), you don’t need customer support or stock. Even in some strategies you don’t need a web site.

We are talking about Affiliate Marketing, this is a very profitable business model because you need a tiny little investment comparing with product creation and the benefits are sometimes huge. Some products pay up to 75% commissions.

How Affiliate Marketing works? Check out the graphic below

See? One buddy has a product in the market and want to increase his sales force. So then he offers to pay a commission to those who send people to his site.

A good affiliate never try to sell a product, no, that’s the merchant job. A good affiliate always pre-sell. He will warm up the prospects and turn them into buying willing people.

As for the sales, as I said before is the merchant job. Your goal is to send those visitors to the merchant site with a buyer mood and a credit card in hand.

Is a good idea to have your own site where you expose the problems that people of that niche face. Make them acknowledge you as an equal that has walk the walk, tell them that you found a very good solution to the problem that doesn’t let them sleep and then BAM! you refer them to the merchant site putting real emphasis on all the benefits that they will get by using that product.

Wait a minute, all this sounds great…but how the merchant knows that I was the one who refers the customer?

Good question… each merchant on his sales platform has an affiliate program, on which give you a link that is unique with your id inserted on the URL, that unique link is the one that you will use in your page, your emails, your articles, your videos, your tweets and so on.

Wrapping Up… What’s Best for Me?

This is a tricky question, and I can’t answer that properly without knowing you because it will depend on your skills, perhaps you are an awesome writer and the words flow from your fingertips like drip drops of your brain, and write a 200 page book is not a big deal for you. Or perhaps you are just like me and fight with the keyboard to arrange some words that make sense.

It doesn’t matter, the road you take will have some ups and down, you just take the way you feel more comfortable because there is nothing more gratifying than work in your comfort zone.

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