Email Broadcast – Your Hot Line to Your Customers

What is Email Broadcast?

Hey guys if you ever wonder how to communicate with your customers there is a thing called Email Broadcast.
In a marketing email campaign there are two kinds of emails. The follow up email and the Email Broadcast.

The Follow Up Email is the one that is setting in the autoresponder software to be delivered in a certain interval of time. For example when a subscriber (your most valuable asset) opt in to your newsletter, he immediately will receive a welcome email, 4 days later he will receive a second email, and 4 days after that another and so on. This interval is set on the autoresponder and no matter when the people subscribe he will receive the emails in the same sequence.

The Email Broadcast is the one set to be send immediately to all the people on your list no matter when he subscribed.

Is Really Important the Email Broadcast?

Of course it is! Email Broadcast is your hot line with your customers, is where you inform your list on recent post of your site, recent offers, products, videos, news, promotions… this is the real power of list building. With the Follow up you maintain your list interested on what you have to say with useful tips and valuable info. However, in the email broadcast is where you get your list to actually buy from you.

Both the Follow Up and the Email Broadcast are linked, you need the first to make people love you and trust you and with the email broadcast is where you make money.

Want to Know More About Email Broadcast?

There is a lot of resources on internet on how to set a profitable marketing email campaign, lot of them are just BS, however there is a few that provide real value and worth every penny you invest, one of the best is Andrew Fox’s Nuclear Affiliate, I’ve went through it and its provide a really good info about list building and profitable email marketing and email broadcast.

You can get really nice golden nuggets inside this training, especially about the way you can set your email campaign, he even show a real campaign for you to copy and adjust at your needs.

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