Finding a profitable niche.

Now that you have a good idea about what niche you will focus your effort into, is time to find out if the niche is going to make you money, because there is no use to have a great niche but nobody is buying in that niche or even searching info about this topic.

Ladies and gentlemen I present you the Keywords!

Whoa! What with those faces? Nothing to be afraid, What are keywords? A complex, yet, simple concept. Keywords are words, phrases, sentences that people use to look in the search engines. That’s it, no rocket science right?

Anybody can do a keyword search, but the complexity lays in the analysis of the data.

This is one the most time consuming part of the process but also where you get the most fun.

A good way to find nice keywords is using the Google Contextual Targeting Tool. Here you can drill down your results until you found a good term or keyword.

Once you have this look how many sites there are built around this term, this is going to be the estimated of your competition.

Then take that keyword and make a search in the Google keyword external tool. You will find more related keywords and wide searches, try to focus your attention on keywords with two or more words with a searches about 1000 to 99000 per month (don’t be so greedy or you will be eaten by the most fierce competition).

Write down the top 20 keywords with more searches and then do an exact search on Google. This is made writing the keywords on quotes. If for the exact match there is less than 100000 pages, then you have a winner.

From the first two pages displayed by Google see if there is any blog, forum, e-zine on it. (this is going to be really useful in the future, I’ll promise we will get there soon.)

Apply the long tail method on your keyword research, what with those faces again? Oh right… the Long Tail… let me explain. Imagine the market like a horse tail. For example the weight loss market… ok, ok, too overused… the dog training ma… ok, ok! Something more original… let see… how about Wax, yeah wax.

google contextual targeting tool

The base of the tail is going to be Wax, if we drill down we might found: candle wax, bikini wax, paraffin wax, hair wax, wax remover, Brazilian wax, wax polish, car wax. Moving to the ends tail we have: Brazilian bikini waxing, or even better: how to Brazilian wax.

Open the keyword tool and put how to Brazilian wax on the box. Put the captcha and search… whoa! I shouldn’t even told you about this! Look at the number of searches! 450.000! and look at how to wax Brazilian and how to do a Brazilian wax. Look for the competition… nice. And look for the CPC… now we are talking! See the cost per click? $2,01 You know everything less than a dollar is good in case you want to run a PPC campaign. By the way… you should do the search too to make this post have some sense!

google keyword tool

Now let’s see how rude is going to be our competition, go to Google, and in the search bar write “how to Brazilian wax” just like this with quotes included. See? 162.000 searches, not bad.  Take on consideration that may vary depending on what country you are or the time you do the search.

google competition sites

Now look a the sites on the two pages, and see how they looks like.
Here I have to make a point… on the right I don’t see adwords, probably there is no much products to advertize.

Make a quick search on Google and add to How to Brazilian wax the words forum, to see if there are people talking about it.

Do another search including the word ezine, if there is an ezine this means that people are reading about Brazilian bikini waxing

Another search, this time adding the words affiliate program. This will tell you if you can promote a product related with Brazilian bikini waxing, take note of the URL and sign up for the affiliate programs (yes, we are going for affiliate marketing first, no idea what this could be? OK, check this).

And finally for how to Brazilian bikini waxing articles, the search volume will indicate you how interest people are.

Back to keyword tool and now find related keywords as many as you can. For example body waxing, Brazilian laser hair removal, bikini line wax, painless bikini wax, hair removal, relax was no scream cream… and so. Do the same exercise with those keywords and write down your results (worksheet will help you greatly).

Put in one column the keyword, the number of searches, the competition and the cost per click.

OK, now you have a really winner product. You can do the same with candle wax, car wax, home made candle wax.

Next we will review how to buy your domain and your hosting.

See you soon.