1K Subscribers in 90 Days – Goal Settings for Newbies

Hey there! I know its been a long time since the last post, I’ll try to fix that. In this post I will write about goal settings for newbies. What? back to the basis? Yes but with a twist, please bear with me for a moment and we will get there.

As you know Internet marketing is not just a simply hobby no matter how much fun you have. You just simply don’t go and start your IM venture, no sir… you first has to think the things a little bit, you need to do a little planning before. You must set goals.

  1. A goal has to be quantify and measurable, has to be realistic (but yet don’t be afraid to aim high). for example  my main goal will be start a list and gain 1.000 subscribers, it has to be done before the end of the year (December 2016). How to accomplish this? By setting milestones or mini goals that will keep you on track of your main goal.The other day I read a really good ebook from Lee Murray called “Shiny Object Lemonade” and that’s gives me an idea, so I will share with you my personal goals and how I pretend to get there, hoping to be educative for you and profitable for me (because the money is on the list right?)

And don’t worry I’m not going to make this a membership site or charge you with anything is going to be a complete free case studio.  So if I succeed then you gonna have a proven method that works, if I haven’t you can laugh on my face and make fun of me.

My Personal Goal Settings

I will build a list of 1.000 subscribers in the IM niche by December 2016.

First I will decide on which sub niche in the wide range of the IM niche I will write, it will be list building? affiliate marketing? traffic generation? CPA offers? product creation? copywriting? Video Marketing? Or I will go and jump in every MMO method.

The Funnel

I’m going to need to set up a funnel, just the simplest of them squeeze page – thank you page

Get An Autoresponder: To achieve that first I’m gonna need an autoresponder, so I have to dig around and evaluate the different offers. I was using Aweber for a long time, but I can discard the others like GetResponse or MailChimp.

Squeeze Page: I’m gonna need a Squeeze Page to capture the email addresses of my subscribers, for that I will do it myself or I will outsource it, I have to decide to use simple Html page or search for software to automatize that.

Digital Bribe: I will write a short report to give away in exchange for the email. Or I will get some nice PLR ebook that suits the niche.

The Offering: Then I will scan the market place to find some suitable offers to add to my email series as affiliate.

Finally I will write the email series of 7 or 10 messages to add to the campaign.

The Traffic

Should I go paid or free traffic? both of them of course, paid traffic is faster and free traffic is constant.

On the paid traffic I will chose solo ads and PPC on Facebook and Youtube (the most profitable sources right now).

On the free traffic I will use video marketing, and social media to create campaigns that hopefully will go viral and brings me lots and lots of traffic (I will not rely on SEO because is slower and I need results fast).

 The Budget

Here we enter some deep waters. I have a budget of 1.5k for this project. However to make it work for everyone of us I’m gonna challenge myself even further and cut that budget to $100/month. (Do you think that’s even possible?)

OK that’s all for now, In the next post I will give you an update on how things are going.

I hope you follow me on this experiment and I will love your feedback on this and hey maybe we both learn something in the way right?