How my Friend Bob Lose his Money with PPC

The other day I found my friend Bob crying like a baby girl, I asked him what was wrong with him, and he told me the saddest history ever.

He wanted to make a living from Internet and make a ton of money selling affiliate products.

He opened a ClickBank account and built a squeeze page to build a list of prospects. So far so good.

But he has to face the highest and thick wall that any newbie has to face when he start a IM page. The traffic wall. He has not the slightest idea of how to drive free traffic to his site.

how to lose money on PPC

Losing money on ppc

So he decides to take the fast track, the highway, the PPC road. He opened an Adword account and here is where the things went nasty with pay per click advertising.

He enters on a highly competitive niche and search for the keywords with more searches per month and bid on them.

What is wrong with that? He bid on broad keywords on a generic niche, having a specific product for a specific segment of that niche. A sub niche if you want to call it that way.

He bid on keywords without taking any consideration if the keywords include the words “free” and “no cost”. Even a kid knows that these words simply do not sell, period.

As he did not plan his pay per click advertising, he bid on one word keywords instead of long tail. One word keyword on adwords may have the highest volume of searches but also has the highest cost per click.

He put a higher budget and a higher bid on the keywords and let it ran. He never care about track which keywords did converts or which did not. He never group his keyword list, or use variation of the keywords like quotes or brackets. No, he let his pay per click advertising campaign ran until the credit card company called to tell him his credit was max out.

He did not split test his ads to track the conversion rate. He only put a catchy ad, or what he thought was catchy, without any research on the competition.

Did people click on his ads? Yes, thousands, but not the right kind of visitors, only the tire kickers looking for free stuffs.

You do not make the same mistakes that my friend Bob made. The smart marketer only seek for buyers and smartly avoid the non buyer keywords like a plague this has to be the fundamental of the pay per click advertising world.

In your adwords campaigns you must wisely find high profitable keywords, the “buyer kind” of keywords.