How to Make $10000 With a Poor 1% Conversion Rate – The Fast Way to Make Money

Are you tired to struggle for commissions, putting your time and effort on campaigns that even if convert well does not make you much money? I have been around for a while and I know the feeling, hours and hours of work to make an affiliate sale that gives me a couple of dollars and not getting what I need. Well for a Affiliate Marketer High tickets products are by far the best and easy way to make money on line. Just imagine making the very same effort you actuallyPlugins 2 put to sell a $50 e-book or a $100 software.
But let’s break it down to numbers:

If you promote a product that is giving you a commission of $50 then you need to sell 200 items to achieve the $10000. If the product you are promoting gives you a commission of $100 you need to sell 100 items to get the $10000. But if you promote a high ticket product that gives you a commission of $1000 for sale like a boot camp or a seminar, then you only need 10 sales to achieve your goal.

Yes I know what are you going to say… it is harder to make a sale from a high ticket product… well, yes it is. But is also true that you need a lower conversion rate to generate a profit. For example if you have a Conversion Rate of a poor 1% and you drive 1000 visitors to your offer (an easy task by the way). With a $100 commission product you will have 10 sales and get $1000, with a $1000 commission product you only need a miserably 0,1% Conversion Rate to make that $1000 see? Imagine if you have the 1% conversion rate you will cash $10000!

And the best part the process is the same that you are doing now:

– get a domain.
– make a review
– write some articles
– use social media, web 2.0 sites
– whatever traffic method you are using to drive traffic now.

Other thing to consider. The prizes for the top marketers are simply amazing, from a brand new car to a trip to the space!

Is your mouth dripping yet? So what are you waiting for? go out and find the most profitable affiliate programs and start making real money!, Why fight for the cents when you can get the grands, if you have what it takes to make a $100 sale what stop you to make a $1000? you can start finding a high ticket product here