I am a internet marketing Newbie Too

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Hey guys I’m Chris and even though I’m been here for a while I’m still consider myself as an internet marketing newbie. Yes, I’m still green as the grass and always will be.

This is because internet is always changing and every day there are new tactics and tricks to make money online, however the core knowledge remains the same. If you know the basics you are set, the rest are just twists from the same concept.

What you would Expect to Find in internet marketing Newbie?

Here in internet marketing Newbie you will find a “drain of my brain”, where I will post everything that I know, and recorded my success and of course, my failures for you to avoid the same pitfalls.

Because as one of my mentors said, “in order to succeed you must be prepared to fail” and boy how I failed, it’s been a long learning curve for me, and I will try to reduce this trial and fail process to all my fellows internet marketing newbies.

I have many sites in different niches and I will try my best to keep this internet marketing newbie dot net regularly updated.

I will post also about the new products that are in the market that somehow will help you complement what you read here and boost your success.

I’ll personally purchase and review those products to see if they are fitted to your needs, you will have my personal recommendation if a product delivered what it promise in the sales letter or if is just a full of BS.

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What you Won’t Find on internet marketing Newbie

PRL Crap. There are many sites that are filled with tons and tons of PRL (private right label) articles, that are rewritten and posted thousands of times around the net. You won’t find duplicate content on internet marketing newbie, just purely and original content written by myself.

Even though I put links to affiliate products on the post and pages (a way to monetize your site that you will learn here too), I will try my best to link only to those products that I review, no BS and no Biased review will be posted, if the product is crap, you will know even if that cost me a commission.

So if you are an internet marketing Newbie like me join me and together will reach the mastery level.

Chris from internet marketing Newbie