Internet Marketing, Where do I start?

Searching a MarketNow that you have the right state of mind, you are ready to start your online adventure.

OK, where do you think is the starting point? where is your ground zero? anyone? who said with a great product? No your’e wrong! who said a cool domain? hell no! think again.

OK, I’m gonna be easy on you guys, the first step is to find a good market, you must find the people and see what they want, and then you give it to them. If they are hungry then you feed them right? if they are bored then you provide entertainment  if they are tired you give them a place to rest, you got the idea?

Where do you find that market? Everywhere! In every place you will find a need to be filled. People who is in pain want information and products to relief that pain. People looking for acceptance, people who want to look better, to feel better, people who want more money, a better lifestyle.

Find What People Want and Give to Them

Two good places to start your search for a profitable market are EBay Best Sellers and Amazon Best Sellers. There you will find the trends of what people are interest on buying, especially on physical products.

Once you find the market, you don’t want to be too broad, so is time to narrow a little bit, where there isn’t too much competition. For example if you think to target the Golf Market (yeah I know… not too original), you don’t focus on the whole Golf thing. You instead dig a little and target a smaller niche, like Golf Lessons (ebooks to improve your swing, Golf video lessons for beginners), Golf clubs (carb fiber clubs), Golf Balls (fluorescent orange golf balls for snow), Golf Clothes (Golf Shoes), Golf Memberships (California Golf Memberships), Now you have a proper niche.

Next we will see how profitable a niche can be.