Making Money on Internet, a Myth?

Internet Marketing a mythHello my name is Chris and through this blog I’ll give you some tips to start your internet business, or if you already have one, how to increase your revenue significantly.

I know there are many people saying at every turn that he win thousands or millions of dollars on the Internet. Well, yes, it is possible but, unlikely, let’s face it, it takes a little more than a few hours a day and the minimum knowledge they claim.

To obtain a financial success depending only on the Internet requires something that the 90% of people starting in this hasn’t  Constancy and focused action.

Yes, because perhaps you already bought the last course on how to get rich overnight with the Internet, and probably you haven’t finished reading when in your inbox you found a new release which is the latest buzz to earn money on internet, and you buy it, and then buy one that ensures that it will make you a millionaire working from home in less than 24 hours without spending a cent or how about a coaching program who guides you step by step in the process for a monthly fee?. I know that because I used to be one of those people.

Here is the shocking truth, NONE of that works, and will never work unless you stick to a method and follow it until the end. Take a course, follow it and put it into practice, then if your are not satisfied, try with other method, otherwise it will be money wasted.

I have a friend who is a fan of exercise machines; he has purchased every single product that is announced on TV which promise flat abs in 30 days or less or an amazin wieght loss in a week. My friend has over 30 of these gadgets and still has the same big belly, why? Is it that these wonderful devices do not work? Well, if he kept in a closet gathering dust I doubt they do what they promise.

The same happens with the courses, seminars, books on Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and the type work from home schemes, if you not read it, if you don’t put into practice what they teach, if you are not consistent and have not patient, you’ll spend the whole life looking for a magic formula for making money and probably live with the hope that winning the lottery would be the only way out of your financial troubles.

How to Gain Success Then?

The first thing you do is convince yourself that this works, positive thinking, put on a short-term goal and continue to comply, then, set another and another medium term and a long term one. And focus on those goals and follow them.

When asked to millionaires “that would require to be diverted from its goal? The answer is unanimous. NOTHING.

So before continuing, I want you to take a sheet of paper and a pencil and do the following exercise:

  • Write what you do not like about your current life, and four things you want to change.
  • Write down four things you would do if money were not an issue.
  • Write how you would like to win within the next four weeks
  • Write how you would like to win within the next four months
  • Write how you would like to win within the next four years

Save this sheet and keep them always close and read it whenever you can, because that is your mantra, this is your way to have the right mindset for your business and your life.

In the next chapter we will continue with the foundation for your business online.