Online Business – The Four Big mistakes that my Friend Bob Made

My friend Bob tried to start an Internet venture to make money online like many people has being doing this days, but he made a lot of mistake in the way, and here I’m going to tell you four of the biggest mistake he made.

Bob (let’s call him Bob to protect the innocent) is a eye doctor who loves grasshoppers (I don’t know why). And he tried to make money on internet with his hobby. But he didn’t investigate the market, and simply wrote a 500 pages volume about Grasshoppers eye diseases. It was the first time that somebody wrote about it so he though he will become wealthy.

He didn’t trouble to search if there’s any person looking for Grasshoppers eye diseases, or if there were any competition. He has a unique product but no market to put up for sale. That was “red eye grasshoppers lover” Bob’s mistake number one.

He made a one page website with a lot of photos, loud midi melody, and big comic sans yellow font on a black background. A small amount content and a “buy my Grasshopper’s book” flashing banners all over the place

He didn’t trouble about headlines, professionally made web design, SEO, Keyword Density or embarrassment whatsoever. That was “kill my eyes” Bob mistake number two.

He maybe was in a cornfield and heard a voice whispering “build it and they come”. Since that was he did, he DID build it, but he sat in front of his notebook drumming with the fingers tips on the table waiting and waiting for them to come to his website and purchase his report

Once again he didn’t trouble about advertising his site, He didn’t do any SEO, e-zine ads, article marketing, back links, participate in a forum with his site on the signature, adwords, build a list, No he merely wait for people to appear That was “Kevin Costner wannabe” Bob mistake number three.

He was permanently complaining since his site didn’t profit. That his online selling didn’t succeed And blamed everybody for his debacle He didn’t trouble about a skilled copywriting on his sales letter, nor associate programs, or other products to advertise or promote (like grasshoppers glasses), he didn’t put adsense on his site, no he just had this report about Grasshoppers eye diseases that no one ever knew of his existence, and that was “naive lazy” Bob mistake number four.

Have you made some of my friend Bob’s mistakes? I trust not, I really believe that you are persons who prepare a proper market study on the niche previous to you even think on the merchandise you are ready to sell/promote. Who make a SE friendly site and at the same time pleasant and helpful to the readers. Who believe in the power of a clever promotion, caring to build sufficient back links to your website to get people notice you and create your own content to make others to know that you are an expert on your niche. Persons, who every time keeps track of his sites to find out what is working and what is not, And those, who permanently find more than one way to make money and control his site.

Remember these words RBPTM (Research, Build, Promote, Track, and Monetize)