Paid Traffic, Only for Deep pockets?

Let’s make a brief review about paid traffic, this because if you are a newbie I don’t recommend to start with paid traffic unless you have a big budget.

The paid traffic is the fastest way to get visitors to your site. But if you don’t do it right you could end with empty pockets and your credit cards max out.

PPC (pay per click). Pay per click is one of the most popular paid traffic methods, because gives you the best benefit on a short term. The system is simple, you create an ad about your offer using keywords. According to the relevance of your ad, this will be displayed on search engines and sites, and you will pay every time someone make a click on your ad.
There are several PPC networks, but without any doubt the most relevant are Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, MSN Ad center and Facebook advertiser.

Your ad might be as a text or image called banner.

A good ad should be short and to the point, no need for too many words to write, but it has to make a powerful call to action to people who are looking to buy something. Remember that you pay per click, you don’t want to fill your site with tire kickers who will empty your wallet.

PPV or Pay per View. this is another way of paid traffic, that lately is in vogue due to the cheap that could be each click ($0.01 aprox.) this kind of advertise you pay every time your ad is shown as an emergent window to users that download certain application (like a toolbar)

This method is very useful on CPA offers

Banner Ads – This ad system works like in the newspapers, you buy a space on a webpage or e-zine to show your ad.

PPM – Pay per thousand, you pay for every thousands impressions.

Contextual ads, mentioned before as PPC, what is for the web owner adsense for you is adwords.

There it is, now you have a slight notion about paid traffic. Never was my intention to get too deep into this subject because I have to recognize that I’m far from being an expert on this topic. I know, I know, I’m a stingy marketer and I’m always trying to avoid spend (or invest?) money on advertising, even more if there is so many FREE traffic methods out there isn’t it?

Anyways if you are still interest in knowing more about paid traffic, check on PPC Academy. And get on top of the latest adwords trends and tips to become get the most of your PPC campaigns. Maybe you could be the next profit master will ya?