Products That You Should Avoid Promoting

Hi there, have you noticed the trend that has going on from a couple of years? is an avalanche of no real value products that has been launched. Launches that you should avoid like a plague when you want to promote an affiliate offer to your list or make a sniper site around that product.

This is for many reasons:

As affiliate marketer you are your own branding and it’s your reputation who is in the line. If you promote a bad product to your list you will end with a massive unsubscribed run.

Some bad products has a short term life and you will found yourself with an investment on domain and advertising and a broken affiliate link.

Your hard earned reputation will be ruined. You will receive many complaint emails from your list, and you will be pointed out with a finger as a crappy promoter. You will earn a quick buck but in the long run you will lose.

How Can We Spot These Bad Products?

Somehow is easy, most of these bad launches has some patterns identifying them. I don’t know if its something that is teaching in some sort of “Bad Product Creation Seminar” but they all follow the same pattern. Here are some hints that will help you identify them.

This may upset some gurus

In order to spot most of the crappy products that are launched almost everyday in the IM Money making niche. Just check for these trends that will give you a clue (this is not always true there are some very good products hiding behind a very bad sales letter).

1 Blind Sales Letter.

This has become a classic: the blind sales letter is the one that focus its entire copywriting in the problems that the niche is driving and the possible benefits that you should have by using the product.

OK, this isn’t bad, is marketing 101 right? wrong! they deliberately fail to inform you what the product is about, what it does and how it does it.

This could be caused by many reasons, the main are:

  • the product is a rehearsal rebranded product that perhaps you already have in your hard drive and never used.
  • The Product is not yet finished and they results are uncertain, just a vague idea of what the product (software, system, service) might do for you in theory.
  • The Product is something so simple or so overused that represent no real value for you (or for the creator)

2 Hyped Up Sales Copy

Exaggerate a little bit the results to make your sales copy more appealing for the reader is not a bad thing (again, marketing 101). But over hyped results like $2.022.234,12 in 3 days or subscribers in one week, or $35,344.98 in one hour… Seriously, if you are around the internet marketing neighborhood for more than a week you will know that this kind of statements are clearly not true.

There is no magic button which with two clicks you will end making thousands a week, there are so many other variables on that “money-making” equation that can’t be automated by any software or without work at all.

So if you see results with broken numbers like 3.456,23 in an hour you are probably in front of a crappy article/video/rss submitter or a site builder.

3 Rags, Russians, Hookers and Craiglist Actors

Telling a story is perhaps the best way to engage the readers attention if its catchy then much better, but you also have to keep in mind that some stories are simply ridiculous, like the coach surfer that meet some stranger who dies and give him as a legacy a piece of magic software that turn him into a billionaire (and by magic software I mean an article submitter)

Or how about that desperate guy that loose everything and end living on the street and with his last dolar he contact a russian hacker that makes for him a secret software that turn him into a filthy rich guy (and that’s is a wordpress site builder with an article harvester included)

My favorite is the hooker that black mail an internet millionaire to give her his secret to make millions online and now she is double rich.

Actors, hot actress, voice over actors and many others found on fiverr or craiglist telling you how lucky they are to find an easy way to make money with no work, no hassle and no nothing. If you see some of these “marketers” that speak flawless English and always looking just a little right or a little left from the camera, then you can tell he is reading a script.

4 Email Pitchers

Now this might be controversial and is entirely my opinion, but I’m not comfortable sending my list to a squeeze page of any affiliate offer, I know that some people has separately lists and split test the offers, but I prefer to send my traffic directly to the sales copy, I’m not going to give away my hard earned list to an offer that probably will not convert as well as the JV invite says, unless is a well reputed marketer that I know that his copy convert like gang busters or, if I’m willing risk my list into an email swap with another marketer.

5 Exit Popup Frenzy

Now this is really annoying, I hate exit popup like the next guy, but I understand that helps to convert and can dramatically increase the sales. Adding one or two is OK.

But if you have to spend the next few hours trying to exit a sales page because you enter into a popup tornado that keep showing up again and again… man what’s your freaking problem!

6 Grey Hat Products

Ok, this is a fine line that you can walk with shaking steps, but If a product somehow twist the rules trying to find a backdoor to a shady system that will make you a quick money by tricking Google, Facebook or Twitter or any other platform then I’m not interest in that. I don’t want to have in my conscience the mails of my readers complaining about how their accounts has been terminated because of the system I recommend them. That’s why I avoid those products that are whiter than my sports socks after a soccer game in a muddy field.

7 “The Gurus are Liars I’m The Real Deal”

This is a good one too, They tell you that everybody else are part of a secret plot to make you fail and the so called gurus are lying to you and only want for you to keep failing so you can buy more of his products. But he is a knight in a shinny armor that only want to you to succeed with no ulterior motive that your well being.

8 Oh My God This is Gonna End!

False scarcity like this offer will end soon, or I only have 300 copies available and then is gone, a counter in the sales video, all resources used to create an urgency and make people buy. This is a valid copywriting resource every marketer use it, and if you don’t shame on you! you should. However scarcity has to be hand in hand with honesty. If you say that you will sell only 300 copies then sell 300. If you said that there is only 2 spots available the make it happen.

You can’t be so lame and tell people that you will sell only 300 copies of your product if you have in your JV contest a trip to space for the one who make 5000 sales do you?

9 Look This Awesome Results!

A good sales copy must include pictures, because the first impression comes directly through our eyes. Besides we need proof of the “system-product-method-software” really works like they promise.

But beware of those Clickbank screen shoots that shows hundreds of thousands dollars in their balance… most of them are faked, or if for some reason are real screen shots I really, really doubt (and forgive my skepticism) that they are money made using this mystery system.

Just need to take a quick look at some of that earnings to see that some of them are from 2010 from a “new method” or some of these snapshots are even wrong in the sum!.

Same happens with those wonder traffic stats from Google Analytics, be very careful from those that use proofs that are too good to be true.

10 You Have a Sales Notification Crap

Lastly beware of those marketers that includes in their affiliate materials email copies with trickery headlines and misleading bodies. Now, here you have the choice to copy and paste this shady emails into your autoresponder series, and be bashed by your subscribers or have a little bit more creative and use half of a neuron and make your own email promos.

But if you see on the email swipe files that they have at your disposal with subject lines like “You made a sale” or “Here’s your free product”, “You Have Been Selected” or any of those misleading emails you certainly will lose a few subscribers.

Bonus Scam

OK, maybe I went too far to call it scam… or maybe not… the thing is that there is a new trends in a few launches where some youngster guru find random people on the street and help them make a few Clickbank sales live on camera! This sound very credible, I mean, how can this be wrong? They refresh the screen right in front of your eyes and you see how the sales goes up… from 24 to 124 in seconds…

Well… I don’t want ot spoil your party guys, but the truth is that can’t be done, there are a lot of work involved behind the scenes. Like a whole email campaing created before hand blasted to thounsands of people, or a “sidekick” buying using the affiliate link and then refund it. Don’t fall for that either.



Promoting products for affiliate marketers is the blood and life of their business model, so we have to be really careful choosing what to promote, we need to try to stay away from the quick buck and be steady in the way of the long term relationship with our list.

If the product is not launched yet, you can ask for a review copy of a product before promoting or if is already live then buy it, use it, test it, and then review it.

See you next time.

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