Stealth Profit Machines Review

Ok guys, I’ve been out for a while but when I saw a mail from Chris Freville and his new Stealth Profit Machines, I knew I have to tell you about this (please read till the end).

Chris Freville’s Stealth Profit Machines Review.

I know Chris from his other launches like Clickbank Inner Circle, Automated List Builder and Web 2.0 Stampede and he is a damn good teacher and know how to build a business.

That’s why I was so surprised by the over hyped up sales letter from Stealth Profit Machines, I read over and saw so many BS and bold claims that I couldn’t believe that Chris was behind this.

The same scammier claims that every recent launch has:

  • False Scarcity (only 300 beta testers available)
  • Blind copy – you can’t know what is all about until you bought
  • Cheap price – with those cheap prices there is a lot of chances that many users never bother to ask refund.
  • Upsells, downsells
  • Outrageous proofs – the before ‘n after is over used these days.
  • Install – a few click and cash

But despite the sales letter Chris Freville is one of the marketers I trust so I decided to give Stealth Profit Machines a try and here’s is what I found:

Stealth Profit Machines – The Software

The software is something that could simplify the life of those lazy guys (just like me) installing wordpress, themes and plugins. Ok you’re gonna tell me that that’s why Fantastico exist, yes I agree. Installing wordpress is easy and you require less than 7 clicks.

But, the software (yes, this IS a software not a script like others so called ‘software’) help you installing wordpress, chose a theme, and install the stealth profit machine plugin, and other recommended plugins. Also is a content scraper, that means that you enter a keyword and the software fetch content related to that keyword and drip feed it to your wordpress blog. You can get 100′s of articles for your site.

Stealth Profit Machines – The Plugin

The plugin is a really cool plugin that mix both a cloaker and a hyperliker (is that a word?… if is not I’ll patent it).
Basically you cloak your affiliate link, that could be those ugly looking clickbank cloaked link into some more ‘readable’ and if you put a keyword the plugin will automatically search the content and find that keyword and will anchor text them to your affiliate offer, you can put as many keyword and cloaked links as you like.

Stealth Profit Machines – Extra Material

Including to the basic install and use tutorial for the SPM software. Chris has added a ton of other training videos and ebooks that will make the day of any newbie (and some more advanced marketers as well).
There are two parts, first the bonuses:

  • Dark Side Affiliate Strategies
  • Google Vault
  • Internet Addict Cash Strategy

And second you will get the Masterclass.

Inside this training you will learn about:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • List Building
  • Niche Research
  • Clickbank
  • Email marketing
  • Product Creation
  • JV partners
  • and much more…


I want to be honest with you, if you have some experience on internet marketing and building wordpress sites you will be a bit disappointed with the software, but with the masteclass you will find some good nuggets that may help you in your bussiness.

If you are new then you could enjoy going through all the videos and learn a lot.

If you Take the Scarcity away.

Know exactly what you expect for SPM

Know that there is no way that any software is a magic bullet that with only 7 clicks will give you that kind of money (yes it will require work from your part)

For $37 you will get a really good deal. (Tip… if you close the window an exit popup will appear, click on stay on this page and you will receive a $10 discount)

With Stealth Profit Machine you won’t become rich overnight but it will point you in the right direction.
This is what I found in SPM. If after read this you still feel that Chris Freville’s Stealth Profit Machine is right for you check it out in the link below.

Click Here to Check Stealth Profit Machines

Oh! by the way… according to the FTC regulations I must warn you if you decide to buy Stealth Profit Machines through my link I will recieve a commission to feed my kids