The Landing Page of Your Site

Landing Page quick overview

Hey again,

Has been a while since last time… sorry about that…

Ok but let’s continue. Today’s lesson is going to be a little bit longer than usual so probably I’m going to spend more than one post to complete it.

Today’s lesson is… Ah but first… let’s see what we learned so far…
We learned how to motivate ourselves, we see how to find a niche and keywords related to that niche, how to find the start your list.

Today we are going deeper in the list building process and we are going to go through the Landing Page Creation, the thank you page, the autoresponder setup, the opt in form setup and the email copywriting.

Gosh! That’s a lot of things to do! OK I hope you can catch up with me.

First. Take a note about the materials you need to begin.

1 HTML editor (I use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 I’ll recommend it but if you can’t afford it, you can use a free HTML Editor named Kompozer or Coffe Cup both are really good to get the job done)

1 hosting Account (By now you must have it where you are hosting your domain name, if not you can find one hosting here)

1 FTP Software (I use Filezilla which is free you can use coreftp too)

1 autoresponder Account (There are many autoresponders services like getresponse or aweber, Personally I use Aweber, I’ve been using it for years and I couldn’t be more happy with them)

1 Text writer (The notepad from windows is good enough, you can use MS Word or get one free on openoffice)

3 cups of black coffee (hot black coffee, no sugar to keep you awake if you doing this at night after your kids are sleeping)

2 cold beer (corona or budweiser are great to keep you happy)

(you can skip the last two if you want but at least helps me work better)

Landing Page – The front door of your site.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is the first thing the visitor see when, by coincidence or because you told them so (more on traffic soon), they enter to check your site.

Let’s picture it like this… Joe is a guy searching for certain “stuff” he needs, so he surf the web browsing through search engines typing “Looking for stuff” and BAM! Joe see your site about the “stuff” he is looking for.

He click in the link and suddenly he realize that your page is telling him that you know the secret of the “stuff” and you actually have some of the ”stuff” he needs and all the benefits that this “stuff” could do for him, and the best thing is that he can get it for free… but he has to hurry before you run out of “stuffs”. He is interest to know more about the ”stuff” and enter his email to enter to the other side before is too late. He goes to the second page where he can download the ”stuff” he was so eagerly looking and leaves happy.

Then you are happy because you now have his email address and you can recommend him to buy more ”stuff” or a better kind of “stuff” or a new “stuff” that is out…

This “Stuffy” example shows you how a squeeze page works.

Here we have some key elements that you need to pay attention.

In the headline you are telling Joe that you know the secret of the stuff.

A catchy headline with big red (or brown) letters telling him something like… “Discover the Hidden Secret Behind the “Stuff” That Just a Select Group Knows About…” ooohh secret! this must be something new, something misterious, I want to know more! Jokes aside, the words “Discover“, “Secret” are so powerful that most copywriters use these words to drive attention to the reader.

Other catchy words are “You Are About To Know…”, “Find the Number One Secret…”, “They Might Shoot me Down For Telling You This…”

As you can notice, the headline must be a big attention grabber, because you just have like seven seconds before your visitor loose attention and leave. So his eyes must get stick to the header and make him wanted to read more.

Second, you confirm that you know that secret, and then point some benefits for him when he give you his name and address. (if you are an affiliate you can grab those benefits from the sales page of the vendor, if you own the product, name a couple of the main features your product offers and put it in your landing page).

Then you put your Opt in Form, where the visitor after have a little taste of the product will enter his name and address to know more about it.

A really good resource to increase the opt in rate is to give people free stuff, a report, a video, an ebook, a trip to the Caribbean…. you pick.

The place you put your opt in form is vital.

If you have only a squeeze page then you put your opt in page in the right or after the first paragraph (it has to be seen without scroll the page).

If you have a content site, or a wordpress site, then you put your opt in page in a sidebar to the right (Yes just like on this wonderful site, you guys are pretty intuitive!)

Now you have your first draft on how to build your landing page now go and take action and I see you later.

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