Why I love Google Sniper 2.0 – My User’s review of George Brown’s Coaching Program

When I first start this journey through the internet marketing world I research and participate in a wide variety of money making schemes, yes I was the one who annoying my friends to enter my downside in some sort of shady MLM system. Yes I was the one who tried to sell Viagra online, yes, I was the one who cleaned his basement selling stuff on eBay. Yes I was the one who built AdSense sites with no result…

Finally I found a free report from Ken Envoy from SBI that talk about Affiliate Marketing and how to make sites that people love to read and buy from you … But let’s be honest this was somehow so much work that it was too hard to keep more than one site alive.

Years has gone by until one day I came across a program called Google Sniper, it was from a kid called George Brown. What can a kid teach me about affiliate marketing? There is nothing new I can learn about Affiliate Marketing than I already knew, right? Wrong!

Stop reading and Go to Google Sniper 2.0 Official Site

google sniper

The Revelation

And a few pages were enough to realize that was onto something good, I mean this kid is genius! Everything is set so that is so easy to understand that you start wondering How I didn’t think on that before?

The way to set your sniper sites has some amazing tips that you will be wondering, Where I saw that before? Everywhere, there are thousands of sites that now uses George Brown’s sniper methods. And, the best part is the market will never be saturated with this, there are literally millions of possibilities.

What is in Google Sniper 2.0?

Inside the member’s area of Google Sniper you will find downloadable material as well as online videos.

Everything is made so you can learn step-by-step how to start your own affiliate site.

In the core training of Google Sniper 2.0 You can learn from picking a winning product through how to write your content that gets a 20% convertion rate.

There is a whole module of further training that you will learn:

google sniper further training

  • How to maximize your convertion rates in record time
  • How to fix your sniper sites if you messed up in the first place
  • How to boost your Sniper Rankings
  • How to supercharge your sites using social media
  • How to use CPA offers instead of affiliate products to fire up your earnings
  • And much more…

All this is great and I know that you may tell me that you have seen all this before… OK I agree in some small way. But what this Sniper Guy can do to make me think this is the best product for you?

From when I bought it there have been many updates and new content like free webinars on how to use Google Sniper this day, or how to take it to the next level and outsource your sniper sites to maximize your time and earnings.

The content posted on Sniper X is filled with Q & A sesions and live case studies that you will constantly come back to learn new cool stuff.

sniper x


Seriously there is nothing more refreshing than having by your side a generous fellow like Geroge Brown, he doesn’t left nothing behind the sleeve and share with you all his expertise in the affiliate marketing world.

Will I put my hands on the fire for this program? I certainly do, You can go and invest in this course not because I said so, nor because I will earn a commission if you do, just because it is the smart thing to do if you want to become a successful marketer.

Just go and check for yourself Google Sniper 2.0 by clicking here