Work from Home ruins my Friend Bob’s Life

My friend Bob was deep into affiliate marketing and wanted to make a living of it. So he leaves his job and starts his affiliate business on his home. In theory work from home is easy and gives you plenty of time to do whatever you wanted to do. In Theory…

Let me tell you how my friend Bob failed working from home and perhaps you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

On a regular day, my friend Bob wake up close to midday and turn on the TV while he pour the first coffee on his mug, read the paper (the comic strips and the sport section) and then go to the gym (he doesn’t lift weight he just go to see the girls on tights).

After that hour he come back home and take a lunch, then he turn on his computer. He read his mail and click on every single offer he receive and subscribe in every single opt in he sees. Spending about two hours in the process.

Then he takes a nap from about one hour.

After that he grabs a snack and a cold beer, and enters in the forums and spends another two hours reading the latest post and make comments on it.

Then he visits his facebook account and spends another two hours playing mafia wars and Farmville. After that another hour is gone in his twitter incursion.

The TV is always on and his messenger always receiving messages from his friends (and of course he answered back). He eat dinner and then sit down in his favorite sofa with a beer and a big bowl filled to the top with pop corns, to watch a movie (or two) and “rest his eyes” from all the hard work he did in front of his computer.

After the movie he sits in front of the computer and notice that is really late for work. So he turns off his computer and goes to bed.

The Work from home system could be great and an ideal situation if you want to spend more time with your family. but you still must remember that is a work, and as such must be take it seriously.

If you want to work from home, do not be like my friend Bob. Be consistent in what you do. organize and optimize your time, this is important, distribute your work time around the day, work two hours and then stop for one, rest and do anything but work, and then continue for another two hours.

If you are consistent, then with the time you can spend less time working and more time doing what you like most to do.