writing for the web

Writing for the Web Is Not a Shakespearean Art

If you think that writing for the web is the same as you do for a printed report. Then you might be surprised. There are some rules that you need to take on account when you write your website content. We are going to review some of them.

writing for the web

Simplicity and Relevance

You may forget about metaphors, hyperbolas and all that flourish sentences. When people read writing for the webyour content they are not looking for poetry, they are looking for information. So keep your content simple and easy to read. Unless you are writing for a highly technical website, people should not need to use a dictionary to understand what you write.

If your website is about cars don’t write about dogs, keep it relevant. People will go to your website because it is related to what they are looking for. If people find that what you wrote is helpful for them, they will come back to your site and acknowledge you as an expert on the field.

Keep Your Text Inside Attention Pan

In today’s world people has a lower attention pan. If you don’t catch people’s attention in a few seconds, your text will not be reading. So when you are writing for the web, take these tips on account:

  • Keep your sentences short. A long sentence can make your reader “not to read”.
  • Split your text into paragraphs easy to scan. You can use bullets to make it easier to scan and grab attention.
  • Write as you talk. Be conversational, but always avoid the use of jargon. You are worldwide now. And everybody should understand what you say.

Be friendly with Humans and Search Engines

Many people will say that writing for the web is writing for Search engines. I agree that SEO is important. But more important is to write for the human reader. According to what people search is what the Search engines will display.

So it does not matter if your site will rank high on search engines. If the human eye can’t understand what you write your efforts to be on top will be useless.

Of course when at the moment of writing for the web you must pay attention to the keywords. Because keywords is how people will find your site. Use them wisely and don’t overdo it.

Stuffing keywords on your text make it not to flow naturally; will be no helpful for you.

Take this advice on consideration at the moment you write the content for your website. You will find that is not as hard as people think. Publish a printed book and may be a thousand people will read it. Publish a website and maybe millions of people will read it.

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