Writing your Sales Page… Not So Though

Ok… here I must be completely honest with you, I’m not really that good at writing therefor a sales page and copywriting is definitely not my strength.

However I have read so many copywriting articles that I can point you some tips about how could be a good sales page.

writing sales page

it’s not hard to write your sales page

The Structure of a sales page

In order to write a good sales copy you should follow a certain structure:
First of all (and not related with writing) you need an attractive graphic, relevant to the niche — this is not mandatory but certainly helps to capture the uninformed buyer the one that has a mouse in the right hand and the credit car in the left.

The header is really really important, because is responsible of the 70% of the visitors that will follow reading your sales page. The header must bold and attack directly to the jugular of the problem, must be a powerful call to attention.

You must identified yourself with the reader and they must identified with you. He must acknowledge his problems in your sales page.

Mention the problems of the niche on your sales page.

Once identified the problems, you must mention the benefits of your product and how can help them to solve the problems of their niche.

Use prof of benefits (if you don’t have it for God sake’s DON’T PUT ANY!)

Add some testimonials from people that have use your product* (If you don’t have any DON’T FAKE THEM!)

Before you launch your product find people in forums willing to review your product and you give them a copy in exchange of their testimonial

Final Points of a sales page

Call to Action

  • Use scarcity and urgency tactics
  • Use Neurolinguistic Programming to drive your prospect to take action
  • Check how other sales page are made. Copy what they do (no to the letter of course, just the structure of the body NEVER USE Plagiarism)

Check the Infomercials on TV, they are gems about how to use NLP Messages.

If you still don’t feel prepared to make your own sales letter you can check these training material about Copywriting

You can also outsource the copywriting of the sales page on sites like Elance or Odesk. You just need to find some good copywriter (according with your budget of course, you don’t need a Pulitzer winner), tell them exactly the problems and the benefits of your niche and probably hand them a copy of your product for a better understanding of the concept that you want to sink in the mind of your target audience.

Remember in internet marketing a good sales page is the difference between selling or not selling.